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There are many “Cities that never sleep” in the world like New York, London, Paris, Rome etc. And now China’s Shanghai city is one of them. In this city, you can go out at any time of the day or night and have fun, there is always a theatre, bar or club open. When night falls, Shanghai finds its most vibrant, gentle and colorful life in the city.

> Night Shows – Shanghai Acrobatic Shows
One of the most popular nightlife activities in Shanghai for tourists is the Acrobatic Show. After the Chinese Kung Fu Show and Peking Opera Show in Beijing, the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show in Xian, now it’s the stunning Shanghai Acrobatic Show’s turn to offer an eye feast for you. There are many Acrobatic Show Theaters Around the City like the Shanghai Center Theater, Shanghai Huxi Theater, Shanghai Circus World, Baiyulan Theater and the Cloud Peak Theater.Acrobatics is a performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination. Traditionally, acrobatic skills were kept within families and passed from parents to children. And now most acrobats are taught by larger scale education systems as circuses are now made up of many more professionals than they used to be. The acrobatic performers were trained strictly the basic skills starting from the early age of six or seven years old till their teens.


Shanghai Acrobatic Show


Shanghai Acrobatic Show

The prices of admission in the Shanghai Acrobatic Show depends on the area where you are sitting like when sitting in the center area will cost 300 RMB per person, sitting in front at 180 RMB Per Person, Sitting at the Sides at RMB 120 Per Person and sitting at the Back area will cost 240 RMB per person.
If you are searching for something exciting, check out the Shanghai Acrobatic Show. The movements are perfect, eye-catching but absolutely secure, and the musical treatment is also very well conceived.

>Magnificent Night Scene
Shanghai’s nightlife scene can best be enjoyed by wandering over the easily walkable neighborhood jaunts, by visiting the former French Concession, the Bund, Nanjing Road, Xintiandi, Sinan Mansions and Jing’an District.

Speak of Shanghai’s night view, the Bund will definitely come to the top. The 52 various buildings of different architectural styles will take on an ornate look as they are lit up by the colored lights. There are two ways to appreciate the night view of the Bund. One is taking the night cruise travel along the Huangpu River, which will present a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the night life on the Bund and enjoy the magnificent Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jinmao Tower. There are 30 or so boats carry tourists and the ticket is 120RMB per person. The other way is by coming to a bar which you can have a good view of the beautiful night Bund .


The Bund


The Bund


Walking westward along Nanjing East Road, you will quickly reach the famous Nanjing Pedestrian Street. It starts the Bund in the east and ends in the west at the junction of Jing’an Temple and Yan’an West Street. The Nanjing Road is spectacular at night offering many shopping opportunities and eateries. Now it has turned into the number one site for shopping in the city.


Nanjing Pedestrian Street


Nanjing Pedestrian Street

Xin Tian Di, another place that you should come to taste the night life of Shanghai, based on the model of modern Shanghai building- the old Shikumen residential area,is a fashionable, cultural and recreational center that combines all the functions of dining, shopping, entertainment and others. The exterior of Shikumen buildings of Xin Tian Di remains the bricks, walls, roofs and walls, while the interior of it is decorated according to the lifestyle, pace of life and emotional world of city people of the twenty-first century, showing the atmosphere of modern leisure life. Strolling around Xin Tian Di, you would fell like being in Shanghai in 1920s or 1930s. However, after stepping into the interior of each building, you will find see its modern and fashionable design, and experience its unique philosophy: enjoy this moment. There are many bars here where young white collars discuss their work or talk about life. When night falls, the unique charm and rhythm make you deeply fall in love with this beautiful city. Do not miss the good opportunity to experience Xin tian di’s moss pavilion and chew the fascinating grace of Shanghai in the night!


Xin Tian Di


Xin Tian Di

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