Shanghai Restaurants

shanghai-restaurant-1As an international metropolis, Shanghai absolutely has the most diverse restaurants, including a mix of Chinese cuisine influences from Shanghai, Peking, Sichuan and Canton etc and plentiful of western restaurants as well as Korean, Japanese, Indian and Thai Restaurant etc. All the restaurants here are reviewed by local experts in Shanghai. I bet you will love them!

M on the Bund Restaurant

The M on the Bund Restaurant wins too much praise due to its extremely good location and the high-end dishes. Standin...

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Gong Delin Restaurant

The Gong Delin restaurant was built in the year 1922 and it was honored as the ancestor in cooking vegetarian diet. A...

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Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant

The Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant situated at the top sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower which is 267 met...

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Lan Natai Restaurant

If you want to have a taste of the Thai cuisine, then just go to the Lan Natai Restaurant. Here has the experienced T...

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The Red House Restaurant

The Red House Restaurant is an outstanding representative of the western restaurants in Shanghai. Staying at this ple...

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Shanghai Huiguan

Among the Shanghai cuisine restaurants, the Shanghai Huiguan ranks the top list. Not because the good taste of the fo...

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