Shanghai Travel Tip

The-bund-03Shanghai Travel Tips offers travelers useful information before you come to Shanghai, especially for the first-time visitor. To know the best time to traveling to Shanghai, necessary things to pack, local currency, safety precautions and so on is a very important beginning for a pleasant Shanghai Tour. For more information about the dinning, transportation, shopping, nightlife etc, please check our Shanghai Travel Guide.


More than 30 countries which North America inclusive use voltage of 110V~130V, while another 120 countries (including...

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How to make reservations?

First, if you are interested in one of the tours on our website, you may click the button of “M...

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When to go Shanghai?

When to go Shanghai? Shanghai, located on the 31st degrees of north latitude, enjoys the subtropical marine monsoon c...

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What to Pack?

What to Pack? Luggage and Bags: You are always suggested to travel light with your essentials. Backpacks or suitcases...

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Safety in Shanghai

Violent crime is rare is Shanghai but some little crimes like pick-pocketing, bike theft and sexual harassment was oc...

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Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange Currency exchange service is available at most hotels, all banks. Credit card is widely acceptable ...

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