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August 2018

People to Eat Dumplings to Celebrate the Winter Solstice Day

Dec 22nd is the winter solstice day of the year 2014. In China, there is a saying goes like this: Eating dumplings on winter solstice day will prevent your ears burned from cold. It is said that dumplings were invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a well-known doctor from the Eastern-Han Dynasty. One winter, he saw that...
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Elderly Dancers in Hangzhou VS Victoria Secret Angel

At a garden nearby Hangzhou’s West Lake, there were a group of elderly dancers in costumes showing their catwalks, which drew a lot of passerby’s attention. It is learned that those participants are all dance enthusiasts from local Hangzhou. They are doing this just for fun. The audiences were attracted by their performance and rocking...
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