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December 2018

The Most Popular Water Towns Around Shanghai

There are several famous water towns in Shanghai neighborhood areas and here under we would like to give some brief introduction of them.
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When to go Shanghai?

Shanghai, located on the 31st degrees of north latitude, enjoys the subtropical marine monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, Spring is pleasant warm, summer burning hot, autumn comfortably cool and winter overcast cold, . The hottest time of Shanghai comes in July and August, with the highest temperature above 35℃ (95 F), and the coldest...
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Where to find a public convience in Shanghai?

Have you ever been hurried to look for a public convenience in your trip? Many tourists to Shanghai complained that it is hard to find a public bathroom in the street of Shanghai. Indeed Shanghai is a city where an inch of land values an inch of gold, so the public bathrooms are far from...
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