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Streets with Humanistic Connotations in Shanghai

In some ways, we can say that a city is comprised by numerous roads. And moreover, those roads are frequently more than the road. The name of them, the decoration or buildings on the roads implicitly tell us the meaningful background of those parts of the city.

Duolun Road

The Duolun road, which is less than 500 meters long, is a combination of French neoclassicism, Spain, Arabia and other architectural styles. Famous mansions of Kong Xiangxi and Bai Chongxi together with other historical buildings consequently make Duolun Road win a reputation of “Shanghai Open-air Museum”.
This road records some past truth and marks what several literary giants left, like Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Guo Moruo, Ye Shengtao and so on, also some revolutionary heroes. Those colorful records has laid a foundationthe for Duolun road to become the “key position of modern literature”. Nowadays, the museums, art galleries and exhibition halls scattered all over the streets have become good places for tourists at home and abroad to go for nostalgic leisure, tourism and cultural consumption.

Tian’ai Road

Due to its beautiful implication, Tian’ai Road (sweet love road) has been praised as the “sweetest” road in Shanghai for decades, and it still keeps the charming appearance. At the junction, there is a special love mailbox from which every letter sent will be stamped with a love postmark. On both sides of this road are the “love wall” composed of 28 famous love poems from home and abroad. “I am a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected in your heart…”, ect. The street, clear of the hustle and bustle of the city, there is only an unique sense of silence and romance.

Shanyin Road

Shanyin Road is not busy and prosperous, but a perfect place to quietly listen to and feel its hundred years of history, as well as the relevant stories. There are many literati who lived here. At the gate of any neighborhood, there may hanging a bronze medal that says “excellent historical building”, so this street is the destination to trace old dwellings of some prominent men of letters. Besides, the street has been carved into the historical and cultural landscape of the Sanyin road area for protection.

If you take an interest in seeking food, do not give up the delicious local snack called Wanshouzhai, which sells small steamed bun and Wonton. Even today, Sanyin Road still maintains that quiet and cultural respectability.

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