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Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Currency exchange service is available at most hotels, all banks. Credit card is widely acceptable as means of payment in hotels, department stores and boutiques. The credit cards commonly acceptable in China are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Card.

Main Banks in Shanghai

Shanghai Branch of Citibank; Floor 20, China Shipping Building, No.1, Pudong Main Street, 58791200
Shanghai Branch of Overseas Chinese Bank; Floor 23, No.710, Oriental Road, 58200200
Yangpu Subbranch of Shanghai Branch of Huaxia Bank, No.1207, Kongjiang Road, 65709961
The Head Quarter of Bank of Communications, No.18 Xianxia Road, 62751234
Shanghai Pudong Developing Bank (The Headquarter), No.50 Ningbo Road, 63291188
Shanghai Bank, No.476 Xianxia Road, 62955327
Post Offices in Shanghai
Lujiazui Post Suboffice; No.365, Shangcheng Road
Post Service Center in New Century Square; No.501, Zhangzhang Road
Oriental Pearl Tower Post Office; No.2, Fenghe Road (259meters away from the Oriental Pearl Tower)
Post Service Center in the Sight-seeing Hall of Jinmao Tower; Floor 88 of The Sight-seeing Hall of Jinmao Tower

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