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What to Pack?

Luggage and Bags: You are always suggested to travel light with your essentials. Backpacks or suitcases with wheels can be easily purchased in Shanghai at good prices.

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear:
Always carry a light jacket with you to because the temperature s varies a lot during the day time & night time and also when it rains, especially in Oct-Nov. Heavy woollen overcoats are necessary to block off the chilly wind outdoors in winter (from December to February). And since it is relatively cool and a good chance of rain and fog, so it is advisable to get rain gear ready.Summer months can be very hot, reaching over 35℃,so bring light clothes then. Remember to ware nice comfortable shoes because there might be a lot of walking to do.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies:
Out of the cities in China, it always makes good sense to bring some medicines including antibiotics and pills for tummies, cough, fever(just in case). If you are on medication, bring suppliers of your own, because you may not be able to get what you really need due to the language barrier.
Bring packs of sterile napkins or tissues with you, because most restaurants here in China do not have clean hot water to wash your hands, even bathrooms may not have tissue, though you can buy these at any convenience store.
Always carry as many tampons and deodorants which are mostly hard to find here. Go to Watson drug stores which is a Hong Kong chain and is pretty reliable for western toiletries. It’s also about the only place in China you’ll find deodorant and dental floss.

Photo Equipment:
Shanghai is a charming city that never sleeps, Shanghai’s liveliness goes well beyond daytime activity. So bring a digital camera that take good night pictures. You’ll be tempted to film all the sites of the city, carry extra memory cards,batteries, although you can buy them cheaper than at home.

1) Be sure to bring the name and location of your hotel as well as the names of the sightseeing spots in Chinese. This will help your cab driver get to where you want to go.
2)A small portable umbrella is good for the sunshine as well as the rain. The Chinese women use them when walking and it really helps when it’s muggy and you need a break from the heat.
3)Bring a guide book to help you figure out the subways system, find hotels and restaurants. And also an English-Chinese phrasebook comes in handy and so does lots of cash of RMB or USD. More and more department stores accept credit cards, but market shopping is still cash based.

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