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Basic information of Nanjing:
Area: 6597 square kilo meters
Population: 8109100
Area Code: 025
Zip Code: 210000-213000

Nanjing, one of the four famous ancient capitals in historical China, is an important place of origin of Chinese civilization. It is also the first batch of national historical and cultural city and the key national scenic tourist city. Now it is the capital of Jiangsu province.

No matter you go to the ten miles Qinhuai River, the Zhongshan Mountain scenic area, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the Mausoleum of the Ming Emperor, the Confucius Temple, the Presidential Palace or the Memorial Hall of Victims in Nanjing Massacre, you may always feel the vicissitudes of life after the precipitation of heavy sense of history. Walking in the street of Nanjing, it seems like visiting the antique shops, you may feel you are touching the ancient times here and there, you could fathom Nanjing, you could ponder on the past of it and reverie it leisurely.

Nanjing locates at the subtropical monsoon climate area and it has enough rainfall. The average annual rainfall in Nanjing is 1200 millimeters and the mean annual temperature is 15.4℃. The highest temperature of summer in Nanjing is about 39℃ and the lowest temperature in winter is about -13℃. It has four distinctive seasons and each of them has their own feature. It is suitable for touring Nanjing all year through.

For more information about the tours in Nanjing, please check the following page for your reference.

The transportation in Nanjing is very convenient. The Nanjing airport is about 35.8 kilo meters away from the downtown area. It has opened nearly 120 air routes including to 42 main domestic cities, 19 international cities and 2 area cities. Also, there are many trains to most of the domestic cities of China, among them are also some high speed trains.

The diet of Nanjing is famed for the Jinling food and Halal food. For the Jinling food, its well known four dishes are squirrel fish, egg dumplings, beauty’s liver,  phoenix-tailed prawns.

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