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Basic information of Suzhou:
Area: 8488 square kilo meters
Population: 10470000
Area Code: 0512
Zip Code: 215000

There is a saying goes that “Up above there is heaven; down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.”From this we can image how beautiful Suzhou is. In the ancient time, Suzhou was named as“Wu”. Nowadays, it is shortened as “Su”. Be well known for its famous gardens and the elegant scenery of rivers, Suzhou is praised as the “Oriental Venice”.

From being built in 514 B.C., Suzhou now has a long history of more than 2500 years. It is a very popular tourism city of China and it also plays an important role in the economy, international trade, industry and commerce and the logistics of Jiangsu province. The painting, the Kunqu opera and the embroidery of Suzhou enjoy very high reputation.

In the long history, Suzhou generates a lot of outstanding people, such as Sun Wu, Fan Zhongyan, Tang Yin, Gu Yanwu. They made much contributions in the politics, science, art, military and so on in China’s history.

Suzhou locates at the geographic center of the Yangtze River Delta. 80% of the Taihu Lake is in the territory of Suzhou. To the east of it is Shanghai, and Wuxi to the west, Zhejiang province to the north. It is only 80 kilo meters away from Shanghai downtown area and 219 kilo meters away from Nanjing. Here, the Grand Canal, the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and many expressways coming through the whole area.

Suzhou belongs to the temperate zone and it has four distinctive seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The climate here is mild and the rain is sufficient. The average annual rainfall in Suzhou is about 1100 millimeter and its average annual temperature is 15.7℃. January (with an average temperature of 2.5℃) is the coldest month and July(with an average temperature of 28℃) is the hottest time in Suzhou. About 55% area of Suzhou is plain. With the fertile soil and sufficient rain, the agricultural and sideline products here are quite rich. People here mainly plaint rice, wheat, oilseed rape, cotten, tea(the famous tea here is Bi Luo Chun) and breeding silkworm.

The famous local flavor in Suzhou are mainly the sweet pastry, such as the Crabapple Cak , the Flowering Apricot Cake, etc.. You could find them easily at Guanqian Street.

When traveling to Suzhou, the gardens and the water towns are the must to see scenery. The famous gardens in Suzhou are the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Garden of the Mater of Nets and the Lingering Garden. For the water towns, Tongli and Zhouzhuang enjoy very high reputation and both of them is about 1 hour’s car riding away from Suzhou city area.

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