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Wuxi locates in the southern part of Jiangsu province and it is the traffic hub of Taihu Lake basin. To the north of Wuxi is the Yangtze River, to the south is Taihu Lake, Suzhou is to the east of Wuxi and Changzhou to the west. Also, the Grand Canal passing through Wuxi. The advantaged geographical position makes Wuxi a fertile land rich in fish and rice. Wuxi is well known not only for its unique mountains and rivers, but also the developed economy and culture.

Affected by the monsoon circulation, Wuxi has distinctive four seasons and mild climate. The rainfall is enough and the sunshine is abundant. In winter, the average temperature is 2.8℃ and that of summer is 28℃. The annual average precipitation is 1048 millimeter. Wuxi has long rainy season and it mainly concentrated in the summer.

Wuxi has abundant tourism resources. The famous scenic spots there are the ancient canal, Taihu Lake, Lihu Lake, the Yuantouzhu Park, Li Garden, the Lingshan mountain and the Three Kingdoms Film and Television Base. You may refer to the following page for more information about the Wuxi Tours.

Wuxi Tours

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